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Library Policy: Laptop Cart Policy and Procedures

Library Laptop Cart Policy

Library Laptop Cart Policies

The Library Laptop Cart at the Georgia Highlands Paulding Library is under the administrative direction of the Dean of Libraries. The primary use of the cart is for librarians to teach library instruction and research classes. 

The Library Laptop Cart may be used for (in order of priority): 

  • College classes scheduled for assignment-related library instruction taught by a librarian or library assistant.This includes assignment-related Internet instruction.

  • Library instruction or Internet instruction classes for faculty or staff taught by a librarian or library assistant.

  • Library staff meetings.

  • Single-session Internet instruction for classes where no other computer lab is available.  Classes may be scheduled to use the cart during regular Paulding library hours only. These sessions will be scheduled depending upon availability of the Laptop Cart.

  • Administrative computer training for faculty and staff where no appropriate computer lab is available. Times should be selected during times when there is less demand for library instruction classes. Training may occur during regular library hours only.

Laptop Cart Usage Policies

Laptop Cart Usage

  • Please submit usage requests at least 24 hours in advance of the time the cart will be needed.
  • The cart can  be checked out up to 1 hour before the class.  The cart should be returned to the library within 1 hour of the class ending, unless it is needed immediately for another class. If the cart is needed for multiple classes, please let the Paulding Librarian (Christin Collins) know.
  • Please allow at least thirty minutes to check out the cart, as the librarian must go through the process of counting the laptops, etc. in order to complete check out, and since the cart is bulky and heavy, it might take a while to roll it to class. Allowing 30 minutes prior to class will ensure faculty are not late for class.
  • Please allow for thirty minutes to check the cart back in so that the librarians can ensure everything is there and plugged in.
  • The cart consists of 30 MacBooks. The MacBooks run on Mac desktop, but they do have both Mac and Windows version of the Office suite, so students should be able to use Word, PowerPoint, Excel, ect. as needed.
  • The MacBooks are formatted for ease of use; just open the cart and pass them out as students come into the classroom. The MacBooks do not require any log ins for access to the laptop or the internet, so once a student powers one up, they can start working immediately.


Contact Information

Currently this service is only available at the Paulding Library.

Faculty may reserve the cart for their classes and should complete the form on the Library Laptop Cart request  or contact the Library at the Paulding site.  For any other purpose, requests should be made to the Dean of Libraries or the Assistant Director of Libraries at 706-295-6318.

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