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Library Policy: Library Classroom Use

Library Classroom Use Policy

Library Classroom Use Policy

The Library classrooms at the Georgia Highlands College Floyd and Cartersville sites are under the administrative direction of the Dean of Libraries and College Testing. These classrooms are designed for librarians to teach library instruction and research classes. Faculty who want to schedule assignment-related classes should complete the Bibliographic Instruction Request Form or contact the Library at the appropriate campus location. For any other purpose, requests should be made to the Dean of Libraries and College Testing or the Assistant Director of Libraries at 706-295-6318.

The electronic classroom may be used for (in order of priority):

  • College classes scheduled for assignment-related library instruction taught by a librarian or library assistant. This includes assignment-related Internet instruction.
  • Library instruction or Internet instruction classes for faculty or staff taught by a librarian or library assistant.
  • Library staff meetings.
  • Single-session internet instruction for classes where no other computer lab is available.  Classes may be scheduled to meet in the library classroom during regular library hours only. These sessions will be scheduled depending upon availability of the classroom.
  • Administrative computer training for faculty and staff where no appropriate computer lab is available. Times should be selected during times when there is less demand for library instruction classes. Training may occur during regular library hours only.
  • An open computer lab for student use whenever the library is open and the classroom is not in use for another purpose.

Classroom Rules

Rules of Use

  • Only persons enrolled in the scheduled sessions may use the room at the scheduled times.
  • A library staff member, course instructor, or designated trainer must remain with the class.
  • No one may alter, tamper, revise or otherwise change any software, hardware, furniture, or classroom equipment.
  • Those (students, faculty and staff) using the classroom to access the Internet must agree to all GHC policies.
  • No tobacco products may be taken into the classrooms.
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