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Library Policy: Community/Public Users

Community/Public Users

Community and Public Users

Community and public users are welcome in the GHC libraries. The GHC library is open to the public, and provides services such as access to print journals, newspapers, books, computers and printers/copiers. Additional services for the community user may be granted by applying for a free community patron library card.

In addition to members of the general public, we welcome:

  • Georgia Highlands College Foundation members
  • Georgia Highlands College Alumni
  • Georgia Highlands Retirees

Anyone may visit the library to relax, use public computers, make copies, use a 3D printer, and read books, magazines, and newspapers. However, by applying for a community patron library card, you will also be able to:

  • check out up to 5 books at a time
  • check out headphones for in-library use

When you apply for a community patron library card, you agree to:

  • provide a valid driver’s license or a government issued picture ID  including proof of current address
  • complete a registration form
  • adhere to GHC college and library policies and procedures
  • return materials when due and in good condition
  • pay for replacement and processing costs of any lost or damaged item

Please note that in library locations with limited computer facilities, you may be occasionally asked to make a computer available for student use during peak times in the semester. 

Public users and registered community patrons both have access to printers through public GALILEO workstations. A GHC print card is necessary to be able to print. Courtesy print cards can be purchased through the VTS machine. (Ask library staff for location of closest VTS machine if not in the library.) 

Community patrons may ask for visitor parking permits, which are available at all libraries.

If you fail to honor GHC College and library policies and procedures, to return materials in a timely manner or fail to pay for lost or damaged items, your privileges to borrow items or use the library may be suspended. Community patrons who are former GHC students, faculty and staff may have a hold placed on Banner/Score. Appeal can be made to the GHC library director.

GALILEO Workstations

GALILEO WORKSTATION POLICY                                                           

GALILEO (Georgia Library Learning Online) is an initiative of the University System of Georgia funded by Governor Zell Miller and the General Assembly for the Citizens of Georgia. GALILEO workstations are provided for the direct use by the public of GALILEO services and other information resources that support the curriculum and research activities of University System institutions. So that workstations are readily and easily accessible for information retrieval by all library patrons, libraries may establish priorities for use and time limits.

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