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Library Policy: Archives

Library Archives Policy

GHC Archives Policy


The purpose of the Georgia Highlands College Archives is to collect, protect, preserve, maintain, and make available for research those materials related to the history of Georgia Highlands College (formerly Floyd Junior College and Floyd College). The Archives will work with college offices and departments to collect materials and update archival records.



All members of the general public are welcome to use the archives. However, this department houses a collection specifically geared toward documenting the history of the College. Special attention will be given to meeting the informational needs of current students, faculty, and serious academic researchers. 

Collecting Focus:

GHC Archives will focus on collecting materials that pertain to the history of the college and have research value.



The Georgia Highlands Archives does not possess every document, visual image or item pertaining to the history of the college. A reasonable attempt has been made to retain only those items that are most pertinent to fulfilling the Mission Statement of the Archives. More importantly, the Archives does not include confidential student records, personnel files of faculty and staff (both current and former), or other documents that are protected by privacy laws.

Acquisition of Materials:

The Archives seeks to collect materials related to the history of the college. Digital copies are preferred. If a digital version does not exist, the archives will accept two physical copies of a document. Materials* to be collected include:

  • Institutional Accreditation Records 
  • Annual Fiscal Reports 
  • Annual Budget Records 
  • Faculty Committee Reports 
  • Faculty Meeting Minutes 
  • Presidential Addresses 
  • Institutional Planning Records 
  • Institutional Press Releases and Newsletters 
  • Newspaper Articles pertaining to the College 
  • Catalogs, Yearbooks, and Student Handbooks 
  • Special Event Records 
  • Intramural Sports Records (including competition statistics) 
  • Student Organization Records (including membership rolls) 
  • Graduation Programs 
  • Awards Ceremonies Programs 
  • Copies of M.A. Theses, Doctoral Dissertations, and Books written by 
  • Georgia Highlands Faculty (including current and retired personal)** 
  • Copies of Student Newspapers (from 1970-present) 
  • Copies of the Student Literary Magazine (from 1970 to present) 
  • Alumni Magazines, Newsletters, and Reports 
  • College Realia and Ephemera (i.e./ pennants, coffee mugs, T-shirts, etc.) 
  • Private Papers of Faculty Members (including current and retired) 
  • Photographs, blueprints, and maps of the college’s physical facilities 
  • Photographs of all officially sanctioned college activities from 1970 - Present
  • Video Tapes, Films, and Sound Recordings of College Events, 1970 - Present 


If you have items you wish to donate, please contact GHC Archives at  All donations must be submitted with a Deed of Gift.

*Materials list is based on the Association of American Archivists’ Guidelines for College and University Archives and the University System of Georgia’s Record Retention Schedules.

**these items will be placed in a special collection available for use in the Floyd Campus Library.

Special Collection of Faculty & Staff Publications:

GHC Archives collects bound theses, dissertations, and books written by faculty and staff to be housed in a special collection. This collection is located in the Floyd Campus Library and is available for in-library use only.

Loan of Materials:

GHC Archives will not loan materials. Requests can be made for document scans or appointments can be made to view materials at the Floyd Campus Library. 

Disposal of Materials:

Materials will be removed from the collection if determined not to align with the Archives’ mission or collection focus. A record of deaccessioned materials will be kept including the name and description of the item, the donor, the reason for removal, and date of removal. View our Gift and Donation Policy for information on Disposition of Donated Materials.

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