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Library Policy: Bibliographic Instruction

Bibliographic Instruction

Bibliographic Instruction Policy

The purpose of the Library Bibliographic Instruction Services Program is to support the educational mission of the College by teaching students in all disciplines how to find, select, and evaluate information in such a way that it has relevance to their courses and adds meaning to their lives by encouraging and facilitating intellectual independence and lifelong learning. 

Assignment-Related Classes

If a class instructor incorporates an assignment that requires use of library resources into his/her course, scheduling a library class is encouraged. A library instructor will tailor a class to focus on the skills and strategies required to complete the specific assignment. If you would like assistance in designing a library-related assignment, please contact a librarian at the appropriate location. Classes may be scheduled to take place in a library classroom, or a librarian can come to the class's regular classroom if it is enabled for digital audio-visual instruction.

Bibliographic instruction can be requested at the following link:​

Embedded Librarian Services

In addition to in-person bibliographic instruction, the Georgia Highlands College Libraries support the information needs of online and hybrid students by offering direct research support through embedded librarian services for faculty who engage with students via e-learning course management systems. Embedded librarians can be integrated into a course's D2L page, and services are available for specific assignments or over the course of an entire semester.

Available embedded librarian services include:

  • Resource List
  • Online Tutorials
  • Library Instruction
  • Office Hours
  • Discussion Boards

For more information about embedded librarian services, please see this page. Requests for embedded librarianship services in an online course, hybrid course, or in-person course with an online support component may be made via the instruction request form or by contacting the library.

Further Information

Please note the following:

  • Because the bibliographic instruction session is a collaborative effort between the instructor and library faculty member, library policy requires the instructor to be present for the scheduled session.
  • Assignment-related instruction classes should be scheduled at least 7 days prior to the desired date.
  • The class assignment should be sent to the librarian at least 7 days prior to the library class.
  • Students should bring copies of their library-related assignments with them to the library class.
  • Faculty are strongly encouraged to interact with students and library instructors during the class.
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