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Perusall: Getting Started

Due to Department of Education regulations, the option to purchase copyrighted textbooks in the Perusall platform has been turned off for GHC accounts. Please contact the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning with any questions about this policy.


Download GHC's Perusall Setup Guide for step-by-step directions to:

  1. Integrate Perusall into D2L 

  2. Create assignments in Perusall

  3. Integrate Perusall assignments into D2L

These directions are also embedded in three parts beginning below and continuing on the Setting up Assignments tab. 

Part 1: Integrate Perusall into D2L

Perusall Support

Perusall Instructor Support Portal

A robust portal, your go-to resource for Perusall questions

Perusall Webinars!

Register for one of our live events this summer: Perusall 101, Perusall 102, or Perusall Office Hours. Use the REGISTRATION LINK to sign up!

Perusall 101

A review of Perusall's product features, such as integrating with your LMS, grouping, setting up assignments, and an opportunity to ask questions. 

Perusall 102

An in-depth review of some of Perusall's technical features, including multimodal assignments, student uploads, autograding, grouping, and an opportunity to ask questions. 

Office Hours

Drop in and chat with our support staff about your questions.

Part 1: Integrate Perusall into D2L

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