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Perusall: Part 3: Assignment Creation in D2L

Part 3: Integrate Perusall Assignments into D2L

Part 3: Integrate Perusall Assignments in D2L

This video shows you how to set up the assignment in D2L, link it to Perusall, and set up the gradebook item

Assignment Tips

  • Start with a low-stakes--such as a syllabus annotation--or extra credit assignment so students can learn to use Perusall without the pressure of a high-stakes assignment.
  • Add additional content in Perusall as you feel ready. You need not create it all before the course begins. 
  • Use Perusall-generated scores as the participation grade.

Content Tips

Perusall works with a variety of content, including OER materials, materials you create, websites, library articles, and YouTube videos. Tips for success:

  • PDFs and Word documents work best; PDFs should be high resolution
  • Portrait format works better for scrolling than Landscape format. 
  • Powerpoints will work now (as of August 10, 2021). You can use the highlight text function for all text, and the image selector option for the images.
  • Website content is often more easily navigable when converted into a PDF, especially on sites with popups. Be sure to include a link to the site. It's recommended to test it out both ways to see how the site you want to use works best.
  • Perusall will not display YouTube's automatic captions. It will only display manually-uploaded YouTube captions. 
  • Contact a librarian with any questions regarding the usability of library articles. Be sure to include links and information regarding how to access Galileo articles.
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