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Perusall: Part 4: Gradebook / Scoring


Gradebook settings in Perusall are accessible via "Settings" -> "Scoring". 

When you open the Scoring tab, you see settings that will flow down to all your assignments. Some are particularly important:

General Options:

  1. Release Scores to Students: If you are linking Perusall to your D2L gradebook, you should have one of the automatic settings chosen so you are not required to go into Perusall to send scores to D2L.
  2. Assignment Score Range: Best practice is to have the assignment score range here MATCH the D2L assignment score range. For example, if the assignment is worth 10 points in D2L, it should be 0 to 10 here as well. Perusall *should* pull this information over to your gradebook, but it's always good to check.
  3. Threshold Score for Credit: Some instructors prefer that students either get credit or no credit for each Perusall assignment (i.e., pass/fail scoring). If a threshold is present, then all scores in the Gradebook will either appear as 1 (meets threshold) or 0 (does not meet threshold). For example, if you keep the default assignment score scale of 0-3 and set a threshold of 2, then students' scores will show as a 1 if their score would have been a 2 or 3, and will show as a 0 if their score would have been a 0 or 1.

Grade Sync to LMS:

  1. Grade Sync to LMS: This should also be set to to automatic for immediate D2L sync "Automatically sync individual assignment scores back to the LMS". 
  2. LMS Gradebook Column Management: how you set up the gradebook columns.... 

Automatic Scoring Criteria

Scoring is now simpler to set up, and several presets are available to quickly choose scoring settings based on what the instructor would like to focus on.

Instead of all the slide bars, you can customize based on presets like "Annotated Content only" or "focus on reading / watching". Then you can tweak those options by using the color-coded sections to determine how you want to weigh the different parameters.

For a detailed explanation on "Annotation Content Only" grading, see Lauren Barbeau's  December 13, 2021 post: "Perusall Scoring Options: Annotations Only".

Grade Assignment (Review everything at once!)

There's a new "Grade assignment" dialog is available to quickly review all student work in one place: engagement analytics, comments posted, and quiz responses. If automated grading is enabled, instructors can see a clear breakdown of how the score was calculated. Either way, instructors can manually assign or override grades as well.

Grade Assignment Dialog Box


Due Dates

  • Ensure that due dates and late assignment policies in Perusall and D2L are the same. 
  • Perusall will send due date reminders to students for incomplete assignments. (You can turn this off.)
  • You can set grades to release immediately or after the assignment deadline has passed.

Post First

By clicking the "puzzle piece" icon beneath a comment you place in the assignment, instructors indicate that students will not be able to see responses to that comment until they post their own response. This mimics the "post before you see other discussions" feature we have in D2L.

Puzzle Piece icon for Post First

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