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Perusall: About Perusall




Several GHC faculty have used Perusall.  Here are a few of their students' comments: 



"The reading assignments actually keep me engaged because I have a tough time reading but having to post the notes keeps me engaged and interested.” ~GHC Student Feedback, Spring 2021


Some Useful Articles

What Can Perusall Do For You?

Perusall is a social annotation tool that allows students and faculty to interact with reading materials, images, videos, and podcasts in a style akin to social media. Instead of reading a document and engaging with it via a separate discussion thread, Perusall brings the discussion to the text. Instructors can upload their own content and/or adopt a course textbook through the platform. After making assigned materials available in the platform, students and Instructors can comment, highlight, share notes, and create threaded discussions directly within the shared text.


  • Allows for collaborative annotation within and around a shared text or website.
  • Offers options for individual or group comments and note sharing.
  • Gives students/instructions the ability to organize concepts, responses, and discussion themes via hashtags.
  • Enables multi-media annotation possible via videos, images, external linking, etc.
  • Presents a dashboard for uploaded documents/linked websites for easy navigation organization, engagement analysis.


  • Provides an avenue for formal or informal interaction with course content.
  • Creates a space for low-stakes discussion surrounding web-based resources within and around that resource.
  • Offers exportable snapshots for collections of quotations and figures.
  • Provides granular information about student interactions with content, including engagement time, “confusion reports,” posting frequency and downloadable csv files of all student annotations within a text.
  • Makes content accessible through option to “read aloud” in multiple languages

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