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Perusall: Understanding Annotations

Annotation Tip!

You can annotate content TWO different ways.

A text-based document can be highlighted using the cursor.

An image, figure, or document where the cursor highlighting doesn't work can be annotated using the Annotate Figure button, at the top of your Perusall page. The default is the cursor to annotate text, but all you have to do is click the button and you can highlight anything!

Using Annotation Tools

To encourage engagement:

  • Include a list of annotation ideas such as:
    • Upvoting
    • Questions
    • #
    • @
  • Coach students on the annotation process:
    • In a short video or live demonstration​​​​​​
    • Via modeling the annotation process with leading questions such as:
      • “What do you think about this statement?”
      • “How does this relate to other parts of this reading?”
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