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APA 7 Resource Center: Images


Special Notes:
  • Use the screen name as the author if there is no other name listed
  • For images with no title, put a brief description in brackets along with the format as the first element.


Image Type Work Cited Example
Artwork in Museum or on Museum website         

Smith, S. (2020). Cat flower [Painting]. Big Museum, Rome, GA, United States.

Clip Art

Clip Art with No Author

Clip Art with No Title, Author, or Date

CatFanLady. (2021). Flower power kitty. Cat Fun Website.

Flower power kitty. (2021). Cat Fun Website.

[Line drawing of cat with flower]. (n.d.). Cat Fun Website.

Infographic Smith, S. (2015). How to open presents [Infographic]. Birthdays in Time Festival. https::/ birthdaysintime/
Map Nations Online Project. (2021). Map of Georgia [Map].

Photograph From Website

Photograph from News Website*

CatPhotoGirl. (2020). Cat and dog [Photograph]. Cats Website.

Anderson, B. (2021, June 7). [Baseball player sliding into base] [Photograph]. Atlanta Journal Constitution.

*Note: The format for this type of source depends on whether your source comes from a site with an associated newspaper. If the source does come from a site with an associated newspaper, leave the title of the article or image unformatted, but italicize the title of the newspaper.


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