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Affordable Learning Georgia at GHC

All the information you need to know about open educational resources here at GHC

OpenALG is the main OER repository. All grant materials, including created materials, final reports, and syllabi, will be hosted here on completion of the grant. Want to make something fully interactive like Programming Fundamentals or Open Technical Communication? Get in touch with ALG!  THey can give you a crash course in Manifold formatting.

University of North Georgia Press

The UNG Press can provide services including copyright clearance and licensing, double blind peer review, peer review author revisions, copyediting, production and design, print copies, and instructor resources at varying costs which you can use grant funding for. Check out the recently published Resonances: Engaging Music in its Cultural Context for an example of the work UNG Press can do!

Institutional LibGuides

All institutions have a LibGuides subscription through GALILEO. Get in touch with your Library Champion to learn how they can help you host your materials in a LibGuide like what you see in American History I.

Other Hosting Ideas

You might also explore the OER Commons OpenAuthor, LibreTexts Remixer, and WikiBooks!

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