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Affordable Learning Georgia at GHC

All the information you need to know about open educational resources here at GHC

GHC Independent Projects

Many of our faculty have created OERs or added OERs to their courses without any additional funding. Each of the faculty members listed below has agreed to share his or her OER materials with any interested GHC faculty.
Course Name Faculty Link / Notes
BUSA 3000 Statistical Analysis for Business Camille Pace D2L
ENGL 1101 English Composition I Michelle Abbott  English 1101
ENGL 1102 English Composition II Michelle Abbott  English 1102
ENGL 2111 World Literature II Michelle Abbott  D2L, will add as demo student
ENGL 2122 World Literature II Michelle Abbott  D2L, will add as demo student
GHHU 2901 Special Topics:Humanities Michelle Abbott D2L, will add as demo student
HIST 1111 World Civilization to 1500 Raquel Sotomayor D2L
HIST 1112 World Civilization Since 1500 Raquel Sotomayor D2L
HIST 1121 Western Civilization I Raquel Sotomayor D2L
HIST 1122 Western Civilization II James Cady/Christina Wolfe D2L
HIST 2112 American History II Raquel Sotomayor D2L
MATH 2401 Intermediate Statistics Camille Pace D2L
PHED 1010 Concepts of Fitness / Health Lisa Jellum Concepts of Fitness
PHED 1130 Fitness Walking and Jogging Althea Moser Fitness Walking and Jogging
PHED 2202 Principles of Human Nutrition Lisa Jellum Nutrition Repository
PHIL 2020 Introduction to Logic and Critical Thinking Greg Smith D2L / other
PHIL 2030 Introduction to Ethics Greg Smith D2L / other
PSYC 2301 Human Development Elizabeth Dose D2L
PSYC 2165 Abnormal Psychology Elizabeth Dose D2L
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