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Graphic of CC licenses

Shaddim; original CC license symbols by Creative Commons - Original CC license icons licensed under CC BY 4.0

Creative Commons Logo

Creative Commons is a global nonprofit organization that provides free legal tools so you can create a copyright license for your creative works. This is especially important for OER content - it allows you as a faculty member to know immediately how you can use someone else's materials, AND allows others to know how your materials can be used.

What is a CC License?

What is a Creative Commons License?

  • Traditional copyright is granted automatically (Who knew??)
  • CC allows copyright holders to modify those rights and allow their works to be more accessible and reusable
  • CC licenses are non-exclusive (you can enter into separate agreements for the use of your materials)
  • CC licenses are non-revocable (you can remove your CC license, but anyone who already uses your work retains access)

Why use a CC License?

Why Use a Creative Commons License?

  • Easier for others to determine how you will allow your creative content to be reused
  • Easier for you to know how to reuse someone else’s content Worldwide license (typical copyright is for the country of origin)
  • Flexible to fit your needs and desired restrictions – you can pick and choose!

What Kind of Licenses?

What Kinds of Creative Commons Licenses Are There?

The great thing about CC licenses is that you can mix and match - pick the elements you want, and ignore the ones you don't want. The chart at right shows the various licenses on a scale from most open to least open.  Here's a description of the various components.

0 – No rights reserved (Public Domain)

BY – Attribute (you must give attribution)

SA – Share Alike (you can reuse, but you must have the same or less restrictive license)

NC – Non-Commercial (no for-profit use allowed)

ND – Non-Derivative (can be reused but not modified)

C – Full Copyright (no CC license applied)

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