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Affordable Learning Georgia at GHC

All the information you need to know about open educational resources here at GHC

FAQs: General


  1. Where can I find the application?
    • The application can be found on the Affordable Learning Georgia website. Click on "Affordable Materials Grants" and then the "Request for Proposals" of the current round of grants. 
  2. Do I apply independently, or with a team? If the latter, who needs to be on my team?
    • It depends on what kind of grant you're applying for! You can do small projects solo and bigger ones with a team. A team would be whoever you think is the best group of people to accomplish what you'd like to do.
  3. When are applications due?  
    • There are several grant rounds a year, typically during the Spring, Summer, and Fall semesters. You can find the Upcoming Deadlines by Semester on the Grantee Information Center page of ALG's website.
  4. How long does it take to prepare an application?
    • Give yourself a minimum of several weeks to prepare and complete an application.
  5. How long should my application be?
    • As long as it needs to be to convey all the information the grant requires. Some are longer than others! Each grant round's request for proposals has detailed instructions on how to fill out an application.
  6. Where can I find examples of successful grant proposals?
    • Links to successful grant proposals from each application round are available on the Grants page of ALG's website. 
  7. Who at GHC can guide me through this process? 
    • You can reach out to your ALG Champions for general information, or Kristina (Krissy) Shanahan, GHC's Grants Administrator, for grant distribution information.
  8. How big is the time commitment for doing a grant if you're successful? 
    • You will have to do the initial grant, then reports containing data for a year. You'll also have to teach with the new content, so all the prep you need for that needs to be factored in as well. Much depends on the scope of the project you undertake.
  9. What types of projects does ALG fund? 
    • Transformation Grants (large grants) support individual instructors, teams of instructors, and entire departments, along with supporting professional staff, in replacing their existing commercial textbooks and materials in a specific course with no- or low-cost-to-students learning materials. These materials can include the following:
      • Adoption, adaptation, and/or creation of Open Educational Resources (OER), such as open textbooks and ancillary materials.
      • Adoption of library materials available in GALILEO and USG libraries at no additional cost to students.
      • Adoption of no-cost materials outside of OER, such as freely available websites and multimedia. Adoption of low-cost materials, not exceeding $40.00 total per student.
    • Continuous Improvement Grants (small grants) support the sustainability of open educational resources through substantial improvements and adaptations of OER, the creation of new ancillary materials for existing OER courses, or the replacement of current OER in courses with new/better OER. Continuous Improvement Grants include:
      • Revision of OER used in existing courses
      • Creation of ancillaries for existing OER courses
      • Replacement of current OER in courses with new/improved OER

What Kind of Grant Should I Do?

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