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Information Literacy Objectives & Assessment

ILOs and Assessments for the Library, Updated Spring 2022

Citation Generator Activity

A handful of students are handed sheets of paper at random. Those students must come to the front of the class and show their papers to the class. The pieces of paper contain different sections of an MLA or APA citation. The class must organize the students with paper in the correct order to make a complete citation.

Library BINGO

Using behavioral assessment, Library BINGO is a game students play in order to show they learned from the information literacy session. Each time a box or action is performed, they call over the librarian and/or professor to check their work and mark that box as completed. 5 in a row wins the game.

Librarian Personal Shopper

WIP: I am currently working on a master LibGuide that will take students through the research process step by step as if they were shopping online. The idea behind this concept is librarians are personal shoppers for students, finding them the exact "product" or source they need.

#HASHTAGS Activity

WIP: I am designing an activity where students read the abstract of an article that I choose at random and determine the subject terms for that article. The connection between subject terms and hastags on social media is the fact that subject terms and hastags are a collection of materials [sources in GALILEO and pictures on Twitter] on a specific subject. 

Draw a Librarian

Students are asked at the beginning of class what a librarian looks like and what a librarian does. If students are not confident in their artistic abilities, they can make a bulleted list. Students then throw or pass their answers to the front of the room, to keep anonymity. Many students have misconceptions of librarians, and these can be addressed with an introduction of our services.

Galileo Assignment/Worksheet

Build an assignment that allows students to familiarize themselves with Galileo or a specific database. Have a librarian come to class and give students an overview of the chosen database. Then give students time to complete the worksheet in class, while the librarian is present. Tailoring the worksheet to Galileo Discover is best suited for English 1101 classes or other introductory courses. This assignment can also be helpful when introducing students to subject databases for the first time. Below you can see an assignment created by Leslie Johnston for her English 1101 classes. 

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