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Information Literacy Objectives & Assessment

ILOs and Assessments for the Library, Updated Spring 2022


Using the content on this guide, from library videos, or from the librarian's visit to your class please answer the following questions.

Thank you!

Student Info

Objective 1a: popular/scholarly

Objective 1b: primary/secondary

Objective 2a: Galileo intro

Objective 2b: Keywords

Objective 2c: book catalog

Objective 2d: Subject databases

Objective 2e: Limiters

Objective 3a: Source types

Objective 3b: Sources and Research Needs

Objective 3c: Peer Review

Objective 4a: Currency, Relevance, Accuracy, Purpose

Objective 4b: Authority

Objective 4c: Bias

Objective 5a: Gaps

Objective 5b: Viewpoints

Objective 6a: plagiarism

Objective 6b: Citations (MLA)

Objective 6b: Citations (APA)

Objective 6b: Citations (Chicago)

Objective 6c: Digital Citizenship

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