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Information Literacy Objectives & Assessment

ILOs and Assessments for the Library, Updated Spring 2022

The Tips subpages will provide more information about the Objectives, the Framework, and some teaching ideas, just in case you want a bit of inspiration.  

General Tips

undefinedThe Instruction Request form has a new section where you indicate what SLOs are covered. After you discuss things with the faculty member, you should have a good sense of your content. 

Don't think you need to cover all 18! This is a semester's worth of content - ideally you'd pick 3-4 to fcous on. You may touch on more than that, but it's your call about which ones you actually assess. 

On your class libguide homepage, you should include the SLOs you will be covering. Think of this as your table of contents! 

To set up the assessment in your libguide, copy the Assessment Tool from this page. Delete all the boxes you don't need. Ask students to complete the assessment at the end of the session.

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