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Information Literacy Objectives & Assessment

ILOs and Assessments for the Library, Updated Spring 2022

Choosing ILOs

1. Review the instructors request and pick two to four ILOs to focus on in a single class session.

2. Make sure to mark your chosen SLOs on the Instruction Request form.

Incorporating ILOs in Instruction

1. Introduce the ILOs to your students at the beginning of a class and include them in you instruction. materials

LibGuide Example

Presentation Example

2. Remind students of the skills as you go through your lesson.

Incorporating ILO Assessment in Instruction

1. Include assessment questions in teaching materials.

  • Setup as a page on your libguide
    • If there is no guide associated with your course, create a private guide with your assessment questions. 
  • Provide written instructions above the assessment questions
    • If using  slides to teach a class, include url to the quiz.

2. Near the end of an instruction session, ask the students to navigate to the assessment page.

  • Face to Face: Demonstrate how to access the quiz
  • Synchronous Online Instruction: Send students the quiz link through chat. 
  • Asynchronous: Provide clear instructions in your teaching materials, so students know how to access the assessment. 


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