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GHHU 2901 - Fleming (Online) - Summer 2023: Week One: Topics & Googling Around

How does this all work?

Each week, you will find your video lectures and content on these pages.

Video lectures will be a mix of "Story Time" or "How-to-Videos."  Story time lectures can be completed pool-side on your phone with headphones. Phones are a bad idea for How-to-Videos, and I will be expect you to be at a larger monitor completing work along with me. I have "chunked" the videos because that is what the literature tells me to do. If you prefer a longer form, you may use the Playlist.

Each week's lecture has an accompanying work that may include: reading, writing, searching, or discussing. Please remember to return to D2L/Brightspace for assignment instructions and announcements.

Welcome to your first lecture!

This week, we are going to start out with three videos with a total time of about thirty minutes. You'll dive right in brainstorming topics for your annotated bibliography, and searching for sources online.

One of these videos is a How-To video about advanced searching in Google. Be prepared with your Research Log, time to search, and a computer that is not your phone.

Please note that there are additional "How-to-Navigate D2L/Brightspace" located in the Start Here announcement covering important things like grades.

Watch Video One (Phone okay ~11 minutes): Source Types, Keywords, & Concept Maps
This is tied to an assignment, but it can completed on scrap paper with a photo, or completed later.

Watch Video Two (No Phone ~11 minutes): Advanced Google Searching
Please pull up your Research Log and be prepared to work before you start this video.
Advanced Search Operators:

I highly recommended curling up with snacks for this work. Make yourself comfy and start searching.

Watch Video Three (Phone okay ~6 minutes): Chat AI, Google Bard, & Google Scholar


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Special e-Book collections: Popular reading @ Overdrive  |  Health sciences resources @ R2

Guide to popular reading in print: Poptitles

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