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Onboarding Student Assistants - Cartersville Library: Documents/Policies

Daily Task List

Daily Tasks List:

-Clock in-log into email, ALMA, & libapps-print room bookings in LibCal

-Turn on the circ desk lights

-Library Count every hour on the half-hour

-Check book drop

-Check requests in ALMA, fulfill them, and place on pick up cart. Email patron to pick up, write date of email on paper attached to book.

-Check pickup cart for items left over a week. Email patron and let them know we will hold the item for one more week then, we will return that item.

-Reshelve materials from return cart

-Shelf read and pull misshelved books

-Scan in misshelved books and place on cart for reshelving

-Reshelve books on cart

-Check printer paper is full and keep it full

-Check and refill staplers at all stations

-Dust shelves (if desk is slow)

-Wipe down circ desk, both computers, both keyboards, and both mice

-Check circ desk supplies like pens, stapler, paper for our printer, sticky note pads, etc. Let Brittany know if we are low on anything. This includes our circ desk documents such as the walk around, computer out of order, gate count, etc.

-Clock out

- At end of day: turn off circ desk light

-Every Thursday: Wipe down study room whiteboards and 260A(lab)  whiteboards, tables, and computer screens.

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