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This guide was created to help students navigate the beginning of their educational career at GHC from a former GHC student! Here you will find how to's such as connecting to GHC's internet, the basics of how to use Microsoft, and much more.

The Basics of Excel

Excel basics

Excel Home Page


As with Word and PowerPoint, you can reach Excel through your student email.

On the homepage you have many different options to help get you started.

I usually use Blank Workbook. Here I can add my data or information and edit as I go.

You have the options to change your font, size, color, etc. You can Insert information, images, shapes, etc. Under Page Layout you can change the overall look with colors, fonts, effects, etc.

The more you use Excel the better acquainted you'll become and the easier it will be to use it.



Excel, just like Word and PowerPoint, may seem a little daunting at first but the more time and effort you put in, the more you'll realize these applications are pretty cool and make your journey as a student a whole lot easier!

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