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This guide was created to help students navigate the beginning of their educational career at GHC from a former GHC student! Here you will find how to's such as connecting to GHC's internet, the basics of how to use Microsoft, and much more.

The Basics of Word

The Basics of Word



You can reach Word through your GHC student email. 




You have options of templates.

However, I usually go with a new blank document. If you are very unfamiliar with Word I will walk you though some of the main points.

The picture below shows a new blank document.

At the top of the page there are many options, don't let this overwhelm you.

You probably won't use half of it to write a simple paper.

(However, we are here for you if you need further instruction than what I'm giving.)


In the homepage as pictured above, you will see Home, Insert, Layout, etc.  Here you can change your font, letter size, line spacing, etc.




Insert is where you can add photos, insert a Header or Footer, page #'s, etc.

Layout is where you can adjust your papers margins, size, and orientation.

If you find you need a little more help with this please feel free to chat or call us! 


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