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Student to Student

This guide was created to help students navigate the beginning of their educational career at GHC from a former GHC student! Here you will find how to's such as connecting to GHC's internet, the basics of how to use Microsoft, and much more.

Microsoft Office

You probably think most people know the ins and outs of Microsoft Office in today's world, right?

Well, you'd be surprised by how many really don't know the basics. 

If you need a little refresher and don't want to ask for help, fear not my fellow human, I shall walk you through the basics of formatting in Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.

And, you won't have to ask someone for help! (But, if you do happen to need help please email or chat us in the library!!)

How to access Office 365

You can access Office 365 through your student email.

Once you sign in you can download Office 365 to your personal computer or laptop for free.

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