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MATH 1401: Elementary Statistics (Minitab and Excel)

Normal Distribution

Normal Distribution

A probability distribution shows what should happen, theoretically, based on the probability of a particular event.  There are numerous types of probability distributions.  The most important of all probability distributions is the normal distribution, which is bell-shaped and symmetric.  You see the "bell" curve in almost all disciplines.  Some of the included disciplines are psychology, business, economics, the sciences, nursing, and of course, mathematics.   Some of your instructors may use the normal distribution to help determine your grade ("grading on the curve").  The normal distribution is an extremely important concept that will be used throughout the remainder of this course. 

**For the Minitab Mac, you will choose the options button instead of the shaded area tab. Everything else is the same**


Materials to Help You Learn the Material:

  • Video for Normal Distribution 
  • Video for Normal Distribution using Minitab (Less than and Greater than)
  • Video for Normal Distribution using Minitab (Between and Tails)
  • Video for Normal Distribution with Cutoff Scores
  • Video for Normal Distribution using Excel
  • Power Point for Normal Distribution 
  • Power Point for Normal Distribution using Minitab
  • Power Point for Normal Distribution with Cutoff Scores
  • Power Point for Normal Distribution using Excel


Video Title
Normal Distribution 
Normal Distribution using Minitab (Less than and Greater than)
Normal Distribution using Minitab (Between and Tails)
Normal Distribution with Cutoff Scores
Normal Distribution with Excel
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