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MATH 1401: Elementary Statistics (Minitab and Excel)

Measures of Variation

Probability and Contingency (Two-Way Tables)

It is often necessary to "guess" about the outcome of an event in order to make a decision. Politicians study polls to guess their likelihood of winning an election.  Teachers choose a particular course of study based on what they think students can comprehend.  Doctors choose treatments for various diseases based on their assessment of likely results.  You may have visited a casino where people play games chosen because of the belief that the likelihood of winning is good. 

Contingency or Two-way tables are another way to look at data and access the probabilities. These tables can let you look at sub-sections of the group with counts and calculate the probabilities from the counts. 

Materials to Help You Learn the Material:

  • Video for Introduction to Probability
  • Video for Probability Distribution Overview
  • Video for Contingency (Two-Way) Tables
  • Power Point for Introduction to Probability
  • Power Point for Probability Distribution Overview
  • Power Point for Contingency (Two-Way) Tables
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