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MATH 1401: Elementary Statistics (Minitab and Excel)

Binomial Distributions

Binomial Distribution

We will also look at events or experiments that have only two outcomes or can be reduced to two outcomes called Binomial Distribution.

**The Minitab Windows and Mac versions are slightly different when entering the information. There are videos specifically for Mac since the main videos are in the Windows version.**


Materials to Help You Learn the Material:

  • Video for Binomial Probability Distribution
  • Video for Binomial Probability Distribution Minitab Mac Example
  • Video for Binomial Probability Distribution Examples with Minitab Windows
  • Video for  Binomial Probability Distribution Examples with Minitab Mac
  • Video for  Binomial Probability Distribution with Excel
  • Power Point of Binomial Probability Distribution
  • Power Point for Binomial Probability Examples with Minitab
  • Power Point for Binomial Probability Distribution with Excel
  • Flowchart to determine Binomial Distribution Problems
  • Flowchart for Calculating a Binomial Distribution with Minitab


Video Title
Binomial Probability Distribution
Binomial Probability Distribution Minitab Mac Example

Binomial Probability Distribution Examples with

Minitab Windows

Binomial Probability Distribution Examples with

Minitab Mac

Binomial Probability Distribution Examples with Excel


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