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Career Guide: Resumes & Interviews


How do I...create a Resume and prep for Interviews?

Get Your Resume Ready. Have copies of your resume and cover letter ready to edit. That way you can change the content to match the requirements of the job you're applying for, but the contact information and your opening and closing paragraphs won't need to be changed.  (And we shouldn't have to say this, but make sure your resume is truthful!  Lies will always be caught, so it is never worth trying to make yourself sound like something you are not.)

Review Samples. It's always a good idea to look at sample letters and resumes to get ideas for your own job search materials.

Adapted from Job Search Tips


Check Your Professionalism. 
If you have a silly/non-professional email address, use one of the many free services (like gmail or yahoo) to create a professional email address.  That way your prospective employers can email you at Your_Name@, rather than fluffy_kitty@ It may seem like a small thing to do, but it could make a huge difference in landing an interview.


Check Your Reputation. 
Is your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account public? If it is, is there anything on your social media pages that you would not want an employer to see?  Clean up your social sites or set them to "Private", because employers often look for you online before they call you for an interview. 


 Confirm Your References. 
Ask your references *ahead of time* if you can use them when you apply for jobs, and make sure you let them know what positions you have applied for.  That way they are prepared when a potential employer calls them, and are ready to share what they know about your abilities!

Interview Help

Feguson's Career Guidance Center is a great place to look for tips on Interviewing, Resumes, and Cover Letters.

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Student Support Services

Student Support Services can help you with preparing interviews and resumes. Ask them for help!
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