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Embedded Librarians: Managing Content in D2L

How to Add a Librarian to a D2L Course

  1. Go to Classlist, then Add Existing Users (under Add Participants).  Note: Librarians might not be loaded into your system, check with your D2L sysadmin if names do not come up.  
  2. Search for the librarian by name.  Add them as a Librarian NG so they are able to add content to the class. 
    Add Librarian

How to Add a LibGuide to a D2L Course

  1. Go to Edit Course -> Course Builder
  2. Add a Link (URL) under Add Content 
  3. Paste your library guide url into the Quick Link box
    Adding Library Guide
  4. The new link will show up in the Contents box
    Adding Library Guide
  5. And will embed itselft within D2L for easy access
    Adding Library Guides

How to Add a Discussion Board to a D2L Course

1. Go to the course.

2. Go to Discussions.  At the top, under New, click New Topic and add the new board.


3. Once you have the board created, come up with the assignment or purpose.  For example:

Widgets with Library Content

You can create custom widgets with library content and copy them to classes.  Some good options to experiment with:

  • Library contact info
  • Reference chat widgets
  • Search widgets for specific databases
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