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Online vs. On Campus Learning

What is the difference between online learning and on campus learning? Find out in this libguide along with tips and tricks to help you become the most successful online learner!

D2L = Desire 2 Learn

Navigating D2L

How do I get to D2L?

To get to D2L you will go to You will then go to Quick Links in the top right corner of the page. In the drop down menu under Academics you will see D2L Course Access. You can also go to Current Students and scroll down to D2L Login. You will then sign in as a student with your GHC student email and password.

I'm signed into D2L, now what? 

Notice at the top of the page where I've placed red arrows. Here is where links for help, the library, tutoring, etc. are. These links are shortcuts to those services if you ever need them. 


Next, at the top right corner you will see an envelope, subscription, and bell icons.

The message icon (envelope) will let you access your D2L email and instant messages.

The subscription icon links to blog posts and discussion forums, topics, and threads.

The updates icon (bell icon) is where you will see new and/or updated news announcements, assignment due/end dates, and updated grades.

Once you select one of your courses this will be what your course homepage looks like.

Your home icon which is located in the upper left hand corner will always be visible and will take you back to your D2L homepage with all of your courses. Over in the upper right hand corner will be your profile. Here you can add a picture of yourself and edit or add things about yourself. You'll also see an area that says announcements. Here is where your professors will make any new announcements. You'll also see content browser. This is where all content that you will be learning or upcoming events such as quizzes, exams, etc. will show up.


Check out these videos on how to login, navigate content, take a quiz, and complete a discussion in D2L!

You can also check out these D2L orientation videos if you need more help:


If your question is not answered in these videos contact your librarians at

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