Philosophy Subject Guide

image of the painting "School of Athens" by Raphael

Raphael. School of Athens. 1510. Frescoe. Vatican Museum: Rome, Italy.

This famous work is located in the Room of the Segnatura in the Vatican Museum, and is the second frescoe to be painted there.  Historians and other commentators suggest that nearly every great Greek philosopher is represented, though there is some dispute about many of the figures.

What is Philosophy?

Philosophy is the inquiry into the nature of reality, knowledge, and value. Some of philosophy's most important branches are:

  • Metaphysics (study of being and its ultimate explanations)
  • Logic
  • Epistemology (theory of knowledge)
  • Ethics
  • Aesthetics
  • Political Theory

Philosophy is also concerned with the foundations of other areas of study (like Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Physics, and Philosophy of Mathematics) and their relationship to each other.


This subject guide won't answer all the deep philosophical questions out there, but it will give you a place to start when you are ready to do research!


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