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Student to Student

This guide was created to help students navigate the beginning of their educational career at GHC from a former GHC student! Here you will find how to's such as connecting to GHC's internet, the basics of how to use Microsoft, and much more.

Request a Book

Let's say you're looking for a specific book.

You come into the library and...


We don't have the book you need!




It's going to be okay, because you can simply request the book at our library page! :)

I've listed the steps below for your convenience.

Or use this link:

Once you reach the second step you will click on which one you want to request (article, book, etc).

It will ask you to put in some info and then you will submit your request.

Once submitted the library fairies will go to work making your wish into a reality. #Magical ;)

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