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MATH 2200: Elementary Statistics

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Types of Data

Researchers gain knowledge about a seemingly haphazard situation by collecting information about a variable. This information is called data. This sub-module explores the two methods for classifying data. The type of data determines what statistical analysis can be performed on the data.

Module One Summary

The mathematical theory, use, and application of Statistics is much easier when you know the vocabulary. This module has presented the important terms and basic concepts that will be used throughout the remainder of the course.

Below is a summary of the terms which you should be familiar:



  • Parameter


  • Statistic


  • Type of Data
    • Qualitative
    • Quantitative Discrete
    • Quantitative Continuous
  • Level of Measurement
    • Nominal
    • Ordinal
    • Interval
    • Ratio

Sampling Techniques

  • Random
  • Systematic
  • Convenience
  • Stratified
  • Cluster

Qualitative Data

  • Categorical Frequency Distribution
  • Graphs
    • Bar graph
    • Pie Chart


  • Most
  • Least
  • Ranks


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