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MATH 2200: Elementary Statistics


Module Two Introduction

Statistical research typically begins with a question that is stated clearly with as much detail as possible so the variable, population, sample, and sampling method can be identified.   Then, we begin the study by collecting the data from the participants.

After you have collected the data for a statistical research study, what will you do with it?   The data should be organized so we can analyze the information and ultimately reach a conclusion or answer to the research question.   

Data can be described and presented in many different formats.  In this module, you will study numerical and graphical ways to describe and display the data.   This area of statistics is called “Descriptive Statistics”.   In this module, you will learn how to calculate, and even more importantly how to interpret these measurements and graphs



Quantitative Data-Tables & Graphs

Quantitative Data –Descriptive Statistics 

  • Measures of Center
  • Measures of Variation
  • Measures of Position

Probability and Normal Distribution

Module Two Video Introduction

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