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Career Guide: Researching a Career

Job Outlook, Education, Salaries, etc.

If you are wondering....

How much will I make? Will I be able to find a job? What type of education do I need?

Take a look at these resources to find the answers. These are great places to find the numbers and facts.

Linked In


The (Professional) Social Media Site 

Build a "web-presence resume" quickly and easily!

Sign up or Watch Linked In Webinars to get started!

Read  "Why You Should Use LinkedIn More Than Facebook or Twitter."
Steven Chappell. “Why You Should Use LinkedIn More Than Facebook or Twitter." Prof, 19 March 2012. Web. 20 September 2012.

What's a Job Like?

What's a job really like?

Find out where professionals from your career of interest gather. What are they excited about? What are they complaining about? What skills are they discussing? A few places to look are:

  • Professional Organizations often offer advice for current students, list requirements for certifications, and provide scholarships. 
  • LinkedIn. Post a question. Read the blogs.
  • Look for an internship or entry-level position in or related to the field that you are interested in.


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