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MLA 9 Resource Center: ChatGPT

ChatGPT (and other Generative AI Sites)

Special Notes:
  • MLA does not recommending using the tool as the author. Start your citation with the title.
  • The title should contain information that describes your prompt.
  • The in-text citation will be the beginning of your title.
  • The name of the AI tool is the container, along with the version information,
  • The name of the company is the publisher.
  • Use the date the content was generated.

ChatGPT (And other generative AI)

In-text Citation Works Cited
("Describe the use of technology")

“Describe the use of technology in I, Robot by Isaac Asimov” prompt. ChatGPT, 14 Mar. version, OpenAI, 23 Aug. 2023,

("Explain how to make")

"Explain how to make chocolate chip cookies" prompt. AI Text Generator, Version 2.2.14, Scribe, 23 Aug. 2023,

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