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MLA 9 Resource Center: Images



Special Notes:
  • You may include an access date as an optional element if it will be useful to others. This is especially useful if the work lacks a publication date or if you suspect that the work may be altered or removed, which is more common with informal or self-published works. Place the access date at the end of the entry: 

    • Accessed Day MonthAbbreviation Year. 

    • Accessed 25 Feb. 2020.

Other Formats

Material Type In-text Citation Works Cited
Web image with author/username and title  

CatPhotoGirl, Cat and dog. Cats Website, 2020, Accessed 20 Apr. 2021.

Web image with no author, title, or date  

Drawing of cat with flower. Cat Fun Website, 2019, Accessed  20 Apr. 2021.

Image from a museum website  

Klee, Paul. Twittering Machine. 1922. Museum of Modern Art, New York. The Artchive,

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