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Netiquette; How to Act Online: D2L Communication

D2L Communication


How to Post to D2L Discussion Boards: 

  • Make sure you are starting a thread in the correct discussion board. Remember that if you post in the wrong one, you may not receive a grade for your participation or writing.  
  • Always subscribe to your threads so that if your professor or a fellow classmate responds to your message, you can continue the conversation. 
  • Do not include old replies with your new replies. The old replies will show up first and bury your new message.  
  • Include as much information as possible. Being vague could hurt your grade or hinder you from getting help if you are asking a question. Including as many details as possible ensures you will receive the full credit, the best responses, and the most help. 
  • Never use unprofessional or derogatory language!

D2L Discussion Board

In this video you will learn how to unclick the box that will allow you to reply to a peer's post without having their original post included.

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