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Netiquette; How to Act Online: Zoom Communication/Behavior

Zoom Communication


How to Act Politely in Zoom: 

  • Mute yourself and disable your video upon entry into the Zoom room. Your professor will be setting up important content and your video uses bandwidth. Also, if you are not muted, any background noise could disturb anyone in the room. 
  • When you need to step away from the computer, click the coffee mug icon on the right to show you are taking a short break or click the away icon to show you have stepped away for a longer period of time. 
  • Do not use the chat box for casual banter unless asked to do so. Professors are meeting with you in Zoom to help you with your classes and using the chat box to talk to a friend instead of answering questions and participating digitally in learning is considered rude.  
  • When your professor asks a question, the best practice is to unmute yourself and answer verbally just as you would if you were in a face-to-face class. If you cannot unmute yourself due to excessive background noise, like your dogs barking wildly at falling leaves or your parrot screaming for crackers, you can chat your answer. You also have the poll buttons yes or no and can answer short questions that way.  
  • Do not share your screen or make annotations in the Zoom room unless given permission.

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