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Copyright and Creative Commons

Understanding copyright issues in the classroom, plus a self-paced instructional module!
Copyright and Creative Commons

About This Guide

What You'll Find Here

There are two parts to this guide... one is information about copyright in the form of the "Fact and Fiction" tab - common misconceptions that faculty often have about how to use materials in the classroom. There is also a Web Resources tab, which includes copyright information and recommended websites for openly licensed materials. These two tabs may be all you want to peruse!

The other part is a self-paced module that goes into more detail about Fair Use, the TEACH Act, the history of copyright, and Creative Commons. You can go through the entire module starting with the "SELF-PACED: Getting Started" tab and move all the way through it, or you can just look at the pertinent pieces.  Each of the sections also includes a video that explains the information in a more detailed way. (Don't feel obligated to take the pre and post test if you're not interested.)

As always, feel free to contact the library if you have any questions at all!

Official Legal Disclaimer

Official Legal Disclaimer

This content is designed to share information on copyright and related topics. This content does not supply legal advice nor is it intended to replace the advice of legal counsel.


 Darnit Jim, I'm a librarian, not a lawyer!

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