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Biology 2108: Principles of Biology II: Library Resources

2108 OER/LibGuide

BooksClip art of a pink book.

Books are often large and tend to be more thorough than a ten-page article. Use them when you feel like you need a "bigger picture."

Quick & Easy

Ebooks - Choose Full Access Online on the side menu. Link is sample search.
Books Cartersville (GIL-Find) - Choose Cartersville Library on the side menu. Link is sample search.

More Choices

(Takes a day to about a week)

Other GHC Libraries (GIL-Find) - Login and look for the Get It Tab: Request. Link is sample search. 

Other Georgia Institutions (GIL-Express) Instructions - Choose University System of Georgia in search box. Login and look for the Get it Tab: Request.  Link is sample search. 

I can't find this book anywhere

World Cat - Find book and fill out Inter-Library Loan Form. Link is sample search. 

GALILEO: Articles & MoreDatabase icon (3 stacked lines) with magnifying glass

Discover GALILEO

This search is a blunt tool. Use it to start and then move on.
Remember to check the peer-review and full-text boxes!


Use Subject Databases

For fine-tuning searches and eliminating irrelevant topics. Go to Databases AZ and Search By Subject: Science & Technology.

No full-text? Fill out our inter-library loan form.

Key Termsimage of a yellow key

Good search terms = better results
Bad search terms = bad results

Be Specific
  • If you are a searching for a habit, consider Ocean. Atlantic. Pacific. Fresh Water. Rivers. Lakes. Continent. Country. State.

  • Think like a cave man. No full sentences. Put phrases in quotation marks. For example: "comb jelly."

  • Consider jargon and audience. If you need peer-reviewed articles, use search terms you find from those articles.

Subject Terms

You tag pictures. Articles are often tagged with subject headings. These can be useful when you need to expand a search or narrow a broad topic. Clicking a subject heading will run a new search. Example SearchExample Screenshot.

Pay Attention to options in Side Menus and Search Boxes

Boolean Operators

Use AND, OR, and NOT to combine search terms. Remember your order of operations when using parentheses. You can get pretty complicated.
Example: "vase stinker sponge" OR "Ircinia campana"
"BOO-lean operaters. Ghost NOT scream. Scream NOT Ghost. Ghost AND Scream. Scream OR Ghost.


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