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Biology 1010: Patterns of Inheritance

Patterns of Inheritance

This page contains various resources to help students either get clarity or enable further exploration of specific topics covered in class. If you find more resources or related resources that you find helpful, then please contact your instructor to have it added. 

Patterns of Inheritance

The Khan Academy is an organization that dedicates its resources to help students become successful. Please click on the link below to go to their website and learn more about topics related to cell basis of inheritance. Once you are directed to the website, you will see an outline of topics very similar to those we cover in class. Each of those topics are links to text and video that very interesting and helpful.

Khan Academy (Inheritance)

Mendelian Genetics

Below is a link to films on demand. When you click on the link you will directed to a page that has a few videos that cover some basic concepts in genetics and inheritance.

Films on Demand (Mendelian genetics)

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