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FCCS 1100 - Brannon-King (Paulding) - Spring 2018: The Assignment

The Whole Assignment

All About the Capstone Project

FCCS 1100

Spring 2018

Your final project in FCCS 1100 integrates the computing skills developed throughout the 10-week course. The project involves several components:

  • Researching a technology topic on-line through an Internet browser, using web-based search engines and Galileo
  • Organizing your research and writing a research paper using MS-WORD
  • Creating a PowerPoint presentation that summarizes your research paper
  • Using your PowerPoint presentation to present in (Week 10 or 11)
  • Upload your research paper to the D2L drop box by the due date (Week 8)

Specifics and Requirements:

  1. Decide on a technology research topic. You can choose a topic from the provided Examples or one of your own choosing. Please e-mail me your topic to D2L before midnight, Wednesday, January 17, 2018.  If I don't receive your idea for a topic by this date, your final project grade will be reduced by 5 percent (%)!
  2. When you start your research, find at least 5 web sites with two Galileo sources related to your topic. At least two of the five required web sources must be from Galileo. You may use books, magazines, interviews, journals, and newspaper articles in addition to the on-line sources.  Be sure to save the web addresses from your sources to include in your “Works Cited” page when you write your paper. (It is a good idea to create the Works Cited page first) (No Wikipedia)
  3. Type your paper in MS-WORD, using the MLA style discussed in your MS-WORD 2016 eBook. Your paper must contain at least three double-spaced pages. An incomplete third page will have points deducted! Use one-inch margins for (top, bottom, left, and right). Use a font size of 12 and the standard Times New Roman font style.  Number all the pages of your paper, again using the MLA style described in your textbook.  Parenthetical citations are required for each source used. Example: (Dean) Footnotes may be included and are optional. 
  4. You must include a “Works Cited” page that lists all your research sources. Some examples for formatting your source entries are found in the eighth edition handbook. MLA recommends the inclusion of URL’s when citing online sources that should also contain Galileo database names to show the location of your Internet sources. Please visit the following site for great clarification on MLA:

For more information, please see the following web sites: Copy and paste the hyperlinks/URL’s into the browser address bar.

  • Your GHC homepage library link:

  • Cornell University – MLA Citation Style

  • Purdue Owl: A Great Source

  • MLA Quick Citation Guide @ Penn State

  • MLA Style Citation Tool:

  • Research and Documentation

  • Style Guide @ University of Washington

Sometimes it's difficult to determine all the “required” information about a web page for its documentation.  In particular, the author is sometimes difficult to determine.  Find as much information as possible.  Be sure to include the date you accessed the information on the web and the web address (URL) should you need to return to the information later.

PowerPoint Presentation

1.Create a PowerPoint presentation summarizing your paper.  Be sure to include:

  • A title slide for the presentation
  • At least four additional slides that present the main ideas of your paper
  • Note:  That's a total of at least 5 slides!  You may include more slides if you wish, but notice below the time limit on your presentation to the class.

Format the slides to include a minimum of 4 pictures/images, choose background colors and/or themes, and you must use text animation and transition effects on all slides.  Be creative.  The PowerPoint presentation makes your research paper come to life!  Note: Moving images does not count towards the text animation.

2.Present your PowerPoint presentation to your classmates during a 3-5 minute talk on the last day of class.  It's very important that you practice your presentation in advance to make sure it fits within the required time frame.  If your presentation is too long or too short (in terms of time), you lose points.

3.Upload your completed research paper into the designated drop box in D2L.

Please e-mail me in D2L if you have questions about the project or about these instructions. 

Remember:  The final project counts for 15% of your overall grade and the research paper is due Week 8 in accordance with the syllabus. 

Your project topic is due by midnight, Wednesday, January 17, 2018.

Additional help:

  • Microsoft application Help is located on the Ribbon. The (?).
  • Internet links provided in the side boxes throughout your ebook

Don’t forget to Save and BACKUP all of your work frequently!

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