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Resources for Veterans and Adult Learners: Library Definitions

The library is full of great resources, but sometimes that can be overwhelming. Here are a few bits that might be especially useful for our vets and adult learners!

Familiar Terms

books Books BOOKS!

So we use all these crazy terms and acronyms in the library, and it can be a little mystifying.  Here's a quick-and-easy description of all the terms you might hear related to BOOKS and what they're referring to!

The general term for your library account (where you can request books, renew books, and check for fines); it is also the name of the GHC book catalog
GIL-FIND Just another name for the GHC book catalog
The book catalog for ALL books in the University System of Georgia
How you request books from other USG schools - a FREE service for all our students
How you request books from other GHC campuses
INTERLIBRARY LOAN (ILL) How you request books from libraries outside the USG system

Articles and Databases

And here are some of the terms you might hear related to ARTICLES and JOURNALS.

A collection of databases provided by GHC and the University System of Georgia
DATABASE  A searchable collection of online subscription resources (journals, images, videos, and sometimes whole books); usually material that is not available through free search engines like Google
JOURNAL    A regularly published "magazine", usually related to an academic discipline, often containing articles, book reviews, and other material about the subject
ARTICLE A single written work published in a journal or magazine

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