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Kansas State OER for Nutrition BIOL 2190 and PHED 2202

Nutrition Kansas State OER


Table of Contents-

Kansas State OER

Chapter 1: Nutrition Basics

Chapter 2: Macronutrient Structures

Chapter 3: Macronutrient Digestion

Chapter 4: Macronutrient Uptake, Absorption, & Transport

Chapter 5: Common Digestive Problems

Chapter 6: Macronutrient Metabolism

Chapter 7: Integration of Macronutrient Metabolism

Chapter 8: Micronutrients Overview & Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIs)

Chapter 9: Antioxidant Micronutrients

Chapter 10: Macronutrient Metabolism Micronutrients

Chapter 11: Carbon Metabolism Micronutrients

Chapter 12: Blood, Bones & Teeth Micronutrients

Chapter 13: Electrolyte Micronutrients

Chapter 14: Achieving a Healthy Diet 

Chapter 15: Diet and Health- Chronic Disease Prevention

Chapter 16: Pregnancy and Lactation

Chapter 17: Nutrition Infancy through Adolescence

Chapter 18: Adulthood and the Later Years 

Chapter 19: Nutrition and Fitness/Athletes

Chapter 20: Nutrition and Society



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