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In this guide, you will find helpful links to resources that will enhance your understanding of the basic principles in Physics 2211 and Physics 2122.



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Momentum and Energy




Energy and Momentum

Heat and Thermodynamics






Research on Optics




Light WavesRadio wavesSound Waves

Electricity and Magnetism



Electricity and Magnetism

Just a Small Sampling of Physics Books from the GHC Catalog

Mathematical methods for physicists. Arfken, George B. (George Brown), 1922- 1970
Library Location: Floyd Shelves Call Number: QA37.2 .A74 1970
Fundamental formulas of physics. Menzel, Donald H. (Donald Howard), 1901-1976. 1960
Library Location: Floyd Shelves Call Number: QA401 .M492
Physics made simple, by Ira M. Freeman. Freeman, Ira Maximilian, 1905- 1965
Library Location: Floyd Shelves Call Number: QC23 .F775 1965
Asimov on physics / Isaac Asimov. Asimov, Isaac, 1920- 1976
Library Location: Floyd Shelves Call Number: QC24.5 .A78
Understanding relativity : origin and impact of a scientific revolution / Stanley Goldberg. Goldberg, Stanley. 1984
Library Location: Floyd Shelves Call Number: QC173.65 .G65 1984
Gravitational curvature : an introduction to Einstein's theory / Theodore Frankel. Frankel, Theodore, 1929- 1979
Library Location: Floyd Shelves Call Number: QC173.55 .F7
Physics of the atom / M. Russell Wehr, James A. Richards, Jr., Thomas W. Adair III. Wehr, M. Russell (Mentzer Russell), 1902- 1978
Library Location: Floyd Shelves Call Number: QC173 .W42 1978

There are over 700 titles in the book catalog.  Here are just a few of those titles . . .

Journal articles

On the GHC Library Home Page, go to the "Find Articles" subject heading on the far left side of the page.  Click on the link immediately below this (entitled "Connect to GALILEO").  Once the GALILEO page loads, choose the category, "Science and Technology," and then select "Physics" from the menu.  The following four databases should appear:

Choose any one of these databases to begin your search.  Make sure that you enlist the support of a GHC Librarian to assist you with a search.  You will find thousands of great full-text articles on a wide range of Physics-related topics.

Happy hunting!

Sample Searches


Information on physics and physics-related topics can be found by looking at books, journal articles, and web sites.

You have several links on the GHC Library Home Page where you can go to find the information.  For books, simply go to Find Books, and click on the link directly below that heading.  The link should be entitled, "Search the Catalog for Books at GHC."  When the Basic Search page comes up, key in "Physics" in the Quick Search box, and click on "Go." You should get about 700 title matches!

Now, let's add a bit more sophistication to the search and try searching for multiple topics.  Again, using the Basic Search Page, find the tab entitled "Keyword Search." Click on that tab, and then you will see a page with three search boxes.  In the first box, key in "Physics" and in the second box, key in one of the subject categories within the larger field of "Physics."  For example, you could try "optics," or "motion," or "waves," or "thermodynamics," etc.  Now, click on "Go."  Your list will be much shorter, but will also be more precise in terms of narrowing your search to just those books that focus on a specific subcategory within Physics.

Guess what?

You can implement the same search strategy when you get ready to search for journal articles in GALILEO!  When you reach the GALILEO Home Page, go to the Search Tab (located on top right hand corner of page), click on that tab, and you will see multiple search boxes.  Try a search that includes "Physics" in the first box, "optics" in the second box, and "Newton" in the third box.  Remember to check the small boxes entitled "full-text search,"  and "peer-reviewed" before commencing your search.  You should get a fairly large number of article citations in Academic Search Complete, and just a few in Research Library.

Sir Isaac Newton


Newton's Biography

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