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History 1111/English 2111: Assignment

Abstract Guidelines

Linked Course History 1111/English 2111 Paper Assignment 1

Write a well-developed, grammatically sound paper between 1,000 and 1,200 words long (3-4 pages) on one of the topics below.  (The paper should be double-spaced, with 12 point font and one inch margins, utilizing MLA formatting and citation style.) Turn in a printed copy of your final draft when class begins September 27 and submit the paper to by that time as well ( class i.d. and password will be provided).

You should structure your paper similarly to those you wrote in Eng 1102, but this work should be broader in scope. You must also use researched materials to backup your claims. (For information on how to use MLA parenthetical citations and completing works cited pages, see Harbrace Handbook and a citing GALILEO & NetLibrary handout linked here .) For this paper, you should have a minimum of two external/secondary sources – one for the literary perspective and one for the historical perspective, and any electronic sources must come from GALILEO, the list of pre-approved sites on the courses’ online syllabus, or be individually approved by either professor. Likewise, you should employ paraphrases and quotations from Gilgamesh to support your thesis, using adequate citation for such. (See also Harbrace  and above www link.) Your paper must also use the vocabulary of literature, as found on the “Terms Sheet” provided on the Engl 2111 online syllabus, in its discussion of Gilgamesh from the literary perspective.

This paper will be graded jointly by Prof. Musselwhite and Prof. Patterson, thus it will be evaluated from both the historical and literary standpoints, in addition to the paper’s adherence to standard grammar, development and research conventions. From the historical perspective, the paper should address historical significance – how does the discussion reflect upon the Sumerian culture and era? From the literary perspective, the paper should include correct and appropriate usage of literary terms from the sheet received at the beginning of the semester, relating them to the historical discussion. Once graded, the paper will count for both HIST1111 and ENGL2111, as stated in the courses’ respective syllabi.

The Tutorial Center, located in the Central Campus Library, can also help with your paper if you feel you need additional assistance. As always, the professors are available by email, phone, after class or outside of class by appointment. An additional www link which is very helpful with paper development as well as MLA formatting and citation mechanics is . Research tips are available from the GHC Library website.

Topic Choices:                                                                                                                                                         

 1)  Discuss the literary treatment of the female characters in Gilgamesh and what these treatments could say about the societies that produced this literature.                             

2)  Describe the issue of class structure in terms of its effect on the relationship between Enkidu and Gilgamesh. What does this reveal about the Sumerian culture from which the story originated?

3)  Gilgamesh’s quest throughout the poem is for immortality. Why? What does this quest and the zeal with which he undertook the quest tell readers about the character of Gilgamesh, and possibly of the Sumerians in general?  

4)  Throughout the poem, gods and goddesses intervene in the lives of humans and earthly events. We also read of interactions/exchanges among the gods and goddesses themselves. What do these interventions and interactions tell readers about Sumerian deities, and even the Sumerian views of life in general?  

5) Typically, humanity sees civilized man as superior to man who is ruled by pure nature (adrenalin,  instinct, etc.). What characterizes civilized humanity as opposed to humanity in its pure state?  Which characters in Gilgamesh represent civilization and which represent nature? Are our opinions about civilization today different from those of the people of the Mesopotamian period? How?

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