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Highlighting GALILEO Articles: Home

A How to guide for highlighting articles for Cindy Wheeler's online English class

Instructions for highlighting artices in Windows

***Having Trouble??  Remember, you can ALWAYS ask for assistance!!  If the chat box to the left shows "Available", I should be there!  Ask me for help :D***


1. Bring up the fulltext article in GALILEO (this will look slightly different depending on the database you're using)

Bring up article

2. It will look something like this if it's a PDF document:


3. Select all of your text by either hitting Control+A, or by putting your cursor at the begginning of the text and selecting it all by dragging it to the bottom.  The text to be copied will be highlighted as in the example above.

4. Control+C will copy the text.

5. We'll use Wordpad as the text editor.  Open Wordpad by going to the Windows start button (lower lefthand of your screen) and searching for "Wordpad" in the box.  It is also in your Accessories folder.  Wordpad should be available on ALL Windows computers (even old ones!!)

6. Paste the GALILEO article into Wordpad by using Control+V OR the Paste icon in Wordpad (top left).


7. Select your quote by clicking your cursor at the beginning and dragging a box around it (it will turn blue).  Highlight the selected text by clicking the pencil icon (see photo above) and choosing the appropriate color.  Selected text should turn this color.

8. Save highlighted document to your harddrive.

9. Upload to document to Vista account.

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