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ENGL 1101 - Flanagan (Cartersville) - Spring 2020: Welcome/Intro


Hello! My name is Marla Means, and I have put this guide together to help you with your Research Project in Professor Flanagan's ENGL 1101 class. Explore the guide and please do not hesitate to get in touch with me if I can be of help! Simply click on the last tab - "Ask Us/Library Help" to reach me or another librarian!

Getting Started

Google Web Search

Testing the Credibility of Websites

Image taken from:'s

Does the website have Author(ity)?

Can you easily find the author and publisher of the site?

Does the author have any sort of academic credentials?

Will the site let you contact the author?

Does the website contain any Bias?

Does the author affiliate themselves with any particular group, political or otherwise?

Is the language of the site overly negative or positive?

Are there any (or many) ads that appear on the page leading you to believe that the site is funded by an outside party with a particular agenda?

Is the website Current?

When was the website published?

Is the publishing date older than 5 years?

Is the website updated frequently or at all with the addition of new information?


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