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Patron Banner Loads: Faculty Load

Faculty/Staff Dump Process

Faculty Staff Load
Generally run about once a week or so

1 - (Once a semester thing) Check and update expire date file on server.  I generally check it when I change the student expire date.  A year out is good.

2- Go into Argos (Intranet -> IT -> Access a System -> Banner/Score -> Web Reports. There are two sign in options. Choose log-in with SSO/Single Sign In).  

3 - Select Library and run AG0650 Create Selection for Library Data Load by selecting ALL fulltime parttime from dropdown (this creates a population selection on which to run the job)

4 - Run LI0110 process in Banner

  • Set Printer to database (this makes a log file accessible to you - you can troubleshoot problems from that)
  • 01 Process Term Code = current Term code:
    • yyyy08 for Fall
    • yyyy02 for Sprint
    • yyyy05 for Summer
  • 02 Extraction Filename - this likes a path: facstaff
  • 03 Address Selection Date - today's date
  • 04 Permanent Address Type - MA
  • 05 Temporary Address Type - MA
  • 06 Mobile Phone Type - CAR
  • FAX Phone Type - FAX
  • Other Phone Type - MA
  • Application Code - LIBRARY
  • Selection Identifier - FAC_STAFF_PT_FT
  • Creator ID - ECLARK - may vary, depends on account changes
  • User ID - ECLARK

5 - Click somewhere in the Submission box (any of the fields will do) and select Save


6 - Login to Banner using FTP

7 - Look for the newly created facstaff file (it should be in the /home/banjobs directory and datestamped with today's date) and pull it down to your harddrive


8 - Login to the GIL FTP server

9 - Send your newly created file up

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